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Q&A with Gili Rozin of MeDusa

Q&A with Gili Rozin of MeDusa

//Meet The Maker//
Gili Rozin, Founder of MeDusa

How did this change in lifestyle inspire you to create the business you have now?

I always wanted to create, since I was a little girl. I tried to find my art, my creation. I discovered the jewelry world at an older age and fell in love with goldsmith work, and this is what led me to Shenkar college and then to start MeDusa. When Adi (my partner) and I started to build MeDusa, we understood that we had great value- offering quality, vegan products made by hand. This change in lifestyle and awareness of the importance of slow fashion and small local business, we then began to develop the plastic, which is made from recycled materials and can then be recycled again. Seven years later, we understand more and more that the change in the sustainable fashion world is real and we are happy to be a part of it.

What are the measures you take to ensure sustainable and ethical practices within your company?

All our product are made here in Tel Aviv, in full control from our studio. The main material is also made in the center of Israel, in fact all our bags are made here from beginning to the end, the recycled plastic and the stamping in the plastic. It's all created by us. Nothing arrives pre-made so we can ensure that the bags are as we claim they are. Each bag goes through a very long process until it is finished. This long chain we built is all here, under our control to keep it small, local, handmade and vegan.

How do you practice mindfulness within the company and your daily life?

Luckily I live in Tel Aviv, so there is nothing more inspiring than to live and work in your atmosphere, and to have a full creative environment. I hear all the sounds around me and I see all the colors and texture on my way and I breath it all in- in the end all of the things that surround me are my biggest inspiration

What are your goals for the company and where do you see it in five years?

I hope to continue to love what we do, continue our excitement from each new model, and to keep our studio alive with interesting projects and a lot of passion. 

I see MeDusa in more places around the globe, with maybe 1 or 2 new lines- maybe children, maybe home, and I see our studio- colorful, with great music and lots of cookies.

Who or what inspires you and why?

My life partner, Guy Tamam, he is a true artist. He creates without noticing and is a true designer that knows what is good and what is bad, what is cool and what is important. Everything he create is a true inspiration for creation.

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