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Small Shifts For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Small Shifts For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

To adopt a sustainable lifestyle, you don't have to take extreme measures. You needn't grow all your own food or install a giant windmill in your backyard. Instead, you can take modest steps that will reduce your carbon footprint and make your home greener. If people took these actions in large numbers, it might protect our environment for generations to come.

Saving the Planet by Saving Energy

Become energy conscious. You might wash your dishes by hand whenever you can. And always turn off lights, electronic devices and power tools when they're not in use; unplug them as well.

Looking for products that are energy-efficient is a helpful habit. In particular, compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are highly effective at conserving electricity.

Minimal Waste, Maximal Sustainability

When you shop, seek washable and reusable materials: bags, napkins and so on. Every week, a typical household can generate an astounding amount of unnecessary waste.

Place a recycling bin next to every trash can in your home and office, and always sort your garbage. Encourage your family and colleagues to do the same. In addition, you can turn organic and biodegradable matter into compost, and you can donate clothing, books and other possessions that you don't want anymore.

Whenever you avoid throwing a product away, you help keep dangerous pollutants out of the air, the ground and the water supply. Especially harmful are electronic devices that get tossed out. That's because they include chemical components such as mercury. So, find a local organization that will repurpose those items.

Get Around in a Green Way

You're doing the Earth a favor when you find ways of reducing your vehicular emissions. If your destination isn't too far away and the weather's cooperating, you could walk, jog or ride a bicycle. Otherwise, you could take public transportation or car pool.

As a bonus, many of the habits described above will provide you with personal benefits. Traveling by foot or bike is good exercise. Using less energy at home means lower utility bills. Reusable products will save you money in the long run. And recycling might give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of accomplishment.

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