Forest Floor Salt Crystal Bath

Forest Floor Salt Crystal Bath



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  • 8.5oz/100ml

    16oz. refill bag

    LILFOX salt crystal bath soak is blended with a collection of the finest therapeutic salts the earth has to offer. This blend includes Himalayan Salts, Dead Sea Salts, and French Noirmoutier Sea Salts.

    Drop 1-2 spoonfuls in hot bath and slip into LILFOX'S spell – truly a world of delight and party for your senses.

  • Dead sea Salt Crystals, 

Himalayan Salt Crystals, 

French Noirmoutier Sea Salts*

, Forest Floor Essential Oil Infusion of Root Essential Oils and Rich Spices Including Sri Lankan Vetiver*, Bitter Orange*, and Vanilla Bourbon


    Free of parabens, sulfates, GMO's and synthetic fragrances.

 Vegan/Cruelty Free.

  • LILFOX selects every ingredient with intention, with a focus on creating skin care products that are potent, effective yet gentle. All products are free of fillers, synthetic fragrances, butylene glycol, silicones, sodium sulfates, phthalates, GMO’s, petroleum, parabens, and harsh preservatives. LILFOX's formulas contain concentrated phytonutrients. In place of purified water, their formulas include the addition of delicate organic aqueous distillates known as hydrosols. Hydrosols are produced during essential oil distillation and contain trace amounts of essential oils.

    Each product is crafted with loving intentions in a high vibrational environment in their Miami studio. Each formula is hand blended and poured in micro batches to ensure purity, freshness and potency.

    Due to the delicate plant based composition of the formulas LILFOX houses the collection in Amethyst Glass to protect the biodiversity of the formulas and extend shelf life.

Made in the USA Sustainable Handmade  Vegan