Orange Blossom + Ylang Ylang Body Butter

Orange Blossom + Ylang Ylang Body Butter



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  • 200ml


    Indulge in the sensual floral and citrus aromatics with a synergy of neroli, bitter orange, and ylang ylang.  Nourishing mango and shea butters are blended with tropical oils of coconut and macadamia nut to deliver a daily intensive deep moisturising treatment.

    Shea butter has high amounts of polyphenols and essential fatty acids. This combination helps neutralize free radical damage and stimulate collagen production, while providing deep moisturization for skin cells. It’s produced by a women's cooperative with fair trade standards to ensure they may have a better quality of life.

    Mango butter is moisturizing, skin healing and cell regenerative. It works to protect against the sun's UV rays. This exotic miracle butter is high in fat and antioxidants.

    Coconut oil contains antioxidant, antibacterial and hydrating properties. It is composed of saturated fats and fatty acids which, along with hydration and the reduction of inflammation, have been shown to reduce free radical damage.

    Bitter Orange is fresh and vibrant citrus aromas bursting with energy and soothing to the soul.

    Neroli is distilled from the orange blossoms of the Citrus Auranium var. amara tree. The oil has a wonderful rejuvenating and regenerative effect on the skin, helping to prevent scarring and fighting stretch marks. Calms and soothes the heart and brings us in touch with our higher selves and encourages creativity.

    Ylang Ylang essential oil is an overall effective skin tonic with moisturizing and nourishing properties. The exotic floral scent of Ylang Ylang is soothing and restorative.

    Smooth over skin after bathing or showering to lock in moisture. Use as desired for a luscious and deeply moisturizing experience anytime. 100% active formula is rich and concentrated. Less is more when applying.

  • Mango Butter*, C.nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Shea Butter*+**, M.ternifolia (Macadamia Nut) Oil*, S.chinensis (Jojoba)*, Tocopherols (vit.E/non-gmo), Orange Blossom YlangBang Essential Oil Blend*/** including Neroli + Ylang Yang* + Bitter Orange*, Elderberry Extract


    Free of parabens, sulfates, GMO's, and synthetic fragrances.
 Vegan/Cruelty Free. Gluten Free. Enjoy within 12 months.

  • LILFOX selects every ingredient with intention, with a focus on creating skin care products that are potent, effective yet gentle. All products are free of fillers, synthetic fragrances, butylene glycol, silicones, sodium sulfates, phthalates, GMO’s, petroleum, parabens, and harsh preservatives. LILFOX's formulas contain concentrated phytonutrients. In place of purified water, their formulas include the addition of delicate organic aqueous distillates known as hydrosols. Hydrosols are produced during essential oil distillation and contain trace amounts of essential oils.

    Each product is crafted with loving intentions in a high vibrational environment in their Miami studio. Each formula is hand blended and poured in micro batches to ensure purity, freshness and potency.

    Due to the delicate plant based composition of the formulas LILFOX houses the collection in Amethyst Glass to protect the biodiversity of the formulas and extend shelf life.

Made in the USA Sustainable Handmade  Vegan