About Us

Trunk Collective was created on the simple belief that we can do better. 

In traveling to places that have literally taken our breath away, opening our eyes to the beauty of the environment also meant seeing just how much waste and environmental damage has been created by fast-fashion and every-day products. We began to ask ourselves some very important questions:  


is making our products? 


do they come from? 


are materials sourced? 

Beyond asking questions, we are intent on challenging our own purchasing decisions, community contribution and moral compass. 

We are all agents of change through the brands and companies we support. By choosing fair trade, sustainably sourced and ethical brands, we are changing the world of tomorrow. 

We invite you to our collective space where we feature brands we not only love, but believe in, while sharing tips and insights on leading a more sustainable, conscious lifestyle everyday. 

Trunk Collective wants to stand with you as an example of how a single entity can make a difference.  Every quarter, Trunk Collective will be choosing a new charity partner focused on environmental and wildlife conservation and 7% of all sales will be donated. 

Game changers and dreamers, welcome to the Collective. 


Trunk Collective