Charity Partners

As the founder of Trunk Collective, we feel more than ever, that a business should not only be built on ethics, but also make a difference on it’s own merit. That is why every quarter, we partner with a new charity that aids in wildlife conservation as we believe it is one of the most pressing yet widely ignored issues of our time.

This quarter we are working with Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand, which rescues elephants from a lifetime of abuse from logging, tourism or recreational use. These elephants are depleted and have endured years of torture and neglect. This center offers the chance at a new life, giving them access to freedom, while creating new family connections and personal development. The organization also rescues hundreds of dogs a year and leads a very active adoption program worldwide.

Here you can see our founder, Karina Gonzalez, from her recent visit in 2016, with Jokia, an elephant rescued after 36 years of being used for the logging industry. At Trunk Collective, we not only strive change the way you shop, we want to change the world. One small step at a time.