Pearl Crystal Vial Necklace



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  • Recycled metal with a non-tarnish gold finish and stainless steel insert. The eco-jewelry vial is the perfect hidden chamber that preserves the quality of your essential oil or other aromatic fragrance that diffuses when wearing and can be topically applied. Each vial holds about 15 drops of liquid depending upon the liquids consistency. Fill your vial from the bottom to the top in order to minimize air bubbles and maximize storage.

  • Measurement: Hangs low on chest - 33 inches down [chain measures 30 inches].

    Includes: Two mini reusable pipettes to fill your vial with ease.

    All materials have been ethically sourced to find the most sustainable option in its category. We strive to be a zero waste company.

    Designed + tailor made in London, U.K. and California, U.S.A.

  • VLTA is driven by this connectivity that is threaded through all living things, gives purpose behind the pendulum of a ticking heart, and brings inspiration to all creative minds; an environmentally conscious company which prides itself on zero waste, producing exquisite jewelry in which to house your essential oils in.

Made in the USA Sustainable Handmade  Vegan