Rosewood + Ylang Ylang Body Wash

Rosewood + Ylang Ylang Body Wash



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  • 4 oz

    Plant based body wash formulated with organic ylang-ylang oil, which aids in stress and anxiety, and is also known to balance out the chakras. Gently cleansing with a light floral scent and nuances of earth wood. Enjoy this deep cleansing wash, filled with microbial and skin softening benefits. Great for daily use.

  • Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, Aloe leaf juice, Guar, Rosemary extract, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E.

  • Little Barn Apothecary believes in the healing power of natural ingredients and hand create each of their products around the simple focus of being safe, pure alternatives to the chemical laden self care products in todays market. Each product is centered on using the highest quality cold pressed oils and plant based, organic, wild harvested ingredients.

Made in the USA Sustainable Handmade Vegan